How to connect Webex to Restream?

1. Go to your Webex main Control Hub and choose "users".

2. Click on the user you want to grant access to.

3. In the dialog window that appears choose "Cisco Webex Meeting".

4. Simply choose the site you want to edit.

5. Choose "Advanced Setting" at the bottom.

6. Make sure to "Enable live-streaming" for the user.

7. Now use the scroll bar on the right and get to the bottom to click "Update" to save the changes.

8. Click "Ok" to authorize the changes for the user in the top pop-up.

9. You will see that the changes are successfully applied - simply close the page.

10. Now when the user is able to stream, we need to enable the platforms. Click o the "Services" on the left sidebar.

11. Choose "Sites" int he the "Meetings" block.

12. Choose the site you want to manage.

13. On the pop-out screen click on "Configure Site"

14. Navigate to common settings "Site options"

15. Using the scroll on the right side navigate to "Live Streaming Providers" and enable "Other streaming services"

16. Now make sure to save the settings by clicking on "Update" in the bottom. At this point you are ready to go live with your Webex Meetings.

17. To actually go live simply schedule or start your next meeting.

18. Enter your meeting by starting it.

19. When in the meetings click the 3 dots option in the bottom.

20. Now you need to fill in the data of your stream.

21. You can get your RTMP link and stream key at your account main dashboard at in the "Streaming settings (RTMP)" right under your stream preview window.

22. Now simply click on "Start Streaming".

23. And that's it, your stream will go live to all of your connected and enabled channels.

Now you can stream your Webex meetings to all your social platforms at once with ease, enjoy!

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