In this article, we want to talk explicitly about the differences between our Scheduler and other similar tools across the web. We want to provide you with all the information needed to make a choice yourself. So, without further ado, let’s cover the most important nuances.

Features that make Restream Scheduler stand out

Event looping. In some cases, you would want to multistream your pre-recorded videos to the same destination again. The event looping feature allows you exactly that. Furthermore, you can simply set up the streaming schedule and include your loops. Scheduler will do the rest of the job for you. Keep in mind, this feature is available for Large plan owners. Follow the link for more info on Scheduler pricing and plans.

No branding. We allow users to remove the semi-transparent Restream logo from their stream, if they want their content to look professional and authentic. This, of course, applies to scheduled streams of pre-recorded videos. This ability to remove the Restream branding is available from our Medium plan and higher. Follow the link for more info on Scheduler pricing and plans.

Multistreaming. Restream’s main goal is to help you maximize your audience reach with the ability to live stream your content to multiple platforms simultaneously. That’s why this feature is core when it comes to Scheduler. All subscription plans allow you to multistream your pre-recorded videos to as many platforms as you want. Please note that some specific streaming destinations (e.g., Facebook group/pages, Instagram, etc.) require an additional Restream paid subscription.

Support. We know how important strong support is for live streamers. Sometimes, it is crucial to solve a particular issue in a matter of seconds. Therefore, we always do our best to make sure our customers have such an ambulance-like 24/7 support team.

Video storage. Another helpful feature that can make any streamer’s life easier is personal video storage. Yes, many similar services also have such storage. However, their size is often limited (for instance, 50GB file storage), whereas we don’t have such restricting limits. You can upload up to 50 videos to your own content storage!

Full control. Live streaming pre-recorded videos with Scheduler allows you to have full control over the content you broadcast. Basically, you can either record a flawless video or edit it to cut any fails and later live stream it. Scheduler helps you make your live content just perfect!

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