Important: Please keep in mind that Restream doesn’t make any changes to the quality of the user's stream. We don’t compress or alter your incoming stream (video or audio) in any way. We send the data to end platforms exactly the same as we receive it.

We want to make sure our users get the best possible streaming experience and have developed a few tools inside Restream to help you quickly identify issues with the quality of your stream and make changes if needed.

Restream Monitor is a great tool that will help you to diagnose and find issues within your streaming sessions and maximize viewer experience across all of your destinations.

“Monitor” is constantly having communication with the user and all end platforms gaining information and statuses, allowing us to track the flow of data to and again from Restream to the end platforms.

We make sure you get as much critical information as possible:

  • Bitrate
  • Keyframe interval
  • FPS
  • Dropped frames
  • Video codec
  • Audio codec and frequency
  • Video resolution

Simply by analyzing this information, we can find out, or predict, where a problem may occur in the chain.

Tip: You can find detailed information on how to use the Restream Monitor in this article.

The most common issue that affects the stream is the network connection. Please run the following tests in order to confirm that it is a reason:

Speed test helps to test your upload speed for a given server. If the connection is bad, you need to try to find the optimal ingest server to stream.

Important: Keep in mind that we suggest running a Speed Test right before you would start the stream. It’s common that Internet speed could be showing high at some time, but would drop significantly later.

Ever wondered what is a good upload speed for streaming? Check our blog post to find the answer!

Traceroute test determines how long it takes for an Internet signal to reach a Restream server and how many changes it does on its way from the ISP provider. In other words, this is the test of outgoing Internet signals. Poor routing and server connection may cause the LIVE streams to appear choppy and lagging, as well as completely losing signal at times.

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