Restream has a lot to offer to anyone interested in live-streaming, especially if they plan to multistream and of course we want to make sure our users get the best possible streaming experience.

In this article we will tell you about the special features we offer that can help to get the most out of your stream and create a smooth streaming experience.

With Restream you can update titles and descriptions of your streams. We recommend doing that prior to the stream to avoid streams going out with default Restream titles.

You can also easily create alerts to let your audience know when you start your live stream. Use Restream Social Alerts to post a pre-created message to your Facebook Pages and/or your Twitter account and/or your Discord Server!

Real-time Platform & Channel Toggling allows you to edit your channels while you are "on air" without the need to restart your encoder or be offline. This means you could easily add a YouTube (or any other available platforms) to your multi-stream dashboard and it will go live without the need to stop and start your encoder for changes to apply.

If you want your stream to look more professional, you can remove Restream branding.

Live streaming is, for the most part, an activity that’s really easy to get into. You don’t need much in terms of software or hardware to get started — you can easily broadcast with nothing more than your smartphone.

But no matter how low the barrier to entry is set for live streaming, there are still plenty of technical processes that happen under the hood to make it possible. Transcoding, for example, allows you not to sacrifice quality on certain services to meet the requirements of those services. You can stream to Youtube with 12000kbs and Transcode Twitch stream to 6000kbs. Most of the streaming services themselves have the ability for users to choose the quality in their player, this feature allows surpassing certain limitations without making your stream quality lower in other places.

Restream proxy allows you to stream to streaming services that may be outside your region. Whether a certain destination is blocked in your region, or it's just too far away, Restream Proxy will help make sure your stream reaches its destination!

If something goes wrong, our Fallback feature will backup your stream. Fail Safe Stream Backup or simply Fallback - is an automated system that switches between two of your incoming streams (ingests) in case of any troubles with your main stream source without interrupting the stream for your viewers.

Important: Please note that some features are paid and require a paid subscription or can be purchased separately.

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