Click on the Graphics in Studio to personalize your stream and make it truly unique and engaging. You can upload your own logos, backgrounds, video pre-rolls, and overlays!

Note: Standard plan or higher is required to use custom graphics.

Tip: Graphics are exclusive to Studio users. If you want to avail of Studio functionalities while using an external software, like Zoom or OBS, you will need our RTMP Source feature.


The recommended size is 512x512px. Once you upload a logo, press on it to make it visible in the stream in the top right corner. You can upload up to 50 logotypes.

Overlays and Backgrounds

If you want to add images on top of your stream, use overlays. The recommended size is 1920x1080px, up to 25MB. You can add up to 50 overlays. Once you upload the overlay, click on it and it will appear in the stream.

The background picture has the same recommended size as overlays, and it will be displayed when your webcam is off and screen sharing is disabled. Upload the picture and click on it to show the background.

NEW! We also introduced animated backgrounds that make your content even more appealing. You can upload your own animated background or choose one from the available options.

The recommended formats: MP4, FLV, GIF, MOV, TS, WEBM. Your file should be up to 150MB and shorter than 30 seconds.

Video Clips

You can easily upload and play videos on your stream inside the Studio. Useful for intro, outro, or stream breaks.

Requirements: MP4, FLV, GIF, MOV, TS, WEBM with a size of up to 300MB.

You can add up to 10 videos. When the video is selected, it will occupy the whole layout and mute all other participants while it’s active. Very handy for pre-rolls, post-rolls, and stream breaks. Upload the video and press on it to show it in the stream.

Video as a source

With this feature, you can play a local video file on a stream. The video will appear as an additional stream next to the host’s preview.

Note: Please make sure your browser can actually play the file.

To proceed, click on Add Source:

Then choose Local Video:

Toggle on the video on the right side of the stream preview to make it play. Please note that the video can not be paused.

Brand Settings

Set the base style for your on-screen captions, chat messages, and name-plates.

Please note that you cannot use Restream graphics when you are offline/not connected to the internet (like displaying an image when you are not streaming or having technical difficulties).

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