This guide will go over detailed steps to connect YouTube manually.

Please keep in mind, that with manual connection Restream APIs (such as Chat, Analytics, others) are not supported. We always recommend an automatic connection to YouTube unless it's not possible for some reason.

Manual Setup of YouTube

1. Go to the Restream Dashboard, press “Add a Channel” and choose “YouTube” from the Channel Listing.

Restream Dashboard

2. Select “Set Up Manually” from the Info Page.

“Set Up Manually” button

3. Head over to your Youtube Studio and click "Schedule Stream".

4. From here you want to select:

Stream Title - This is how you would be able to find the event in the Restream account. Keep in mind that you still can adjust the title and description of your stream from here.

Stream privacy - public, unlisted, or private. If you are planning a closed Event (invitations only) or you are running a test, we recommend setting it to unlisted, otherwise, please choose public.

5. Choose the category and date of your event. Choose the audience. Please keep in mind that selecting "yes, it's made for kids" category may require additional approval from the YouTube side.

Set up YouTube event

6. Once you press Create Stream, you will see your scheduled stream in the list of Upcoming streams.

List of Upcoming streams

7. Press on the upcoming stream to get details about it. You need to Copy Stream Key. You won't need to get any additional data from this page.

Copy Stream Key button

Please make sure you select Autostart options for your event. If you choose not to start and stop it automatically, you'll need to do it after you start streaming to Restream.

Autostart options

8. Head back to your Restream Dashboard and Paste the "Stream Key" into the "Stream Key" field on Restream.

9. Now go back to the streams settings in YouTube. Mouse over the event and click on the arrow, then more options will be displayed.

Streams settings in YouTube

Press the copy button. The link will be copied to the clipboard.

Copy video link

10. Paste the copied link into Restream's "Video link" and choose "Add Channel".

YouTube is now connected to Restream!

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