Note: If you are going to the stream from your Android mobile, please use Chrome browser. In iOS, we recommend using Safari.

Note 2: Old Android and iOS versions like iPhone 6, Android 4, and similar are not supported.

Most common issues that may occur when you stream from the phone:

  • Stream doesn't connect to Restream from the mobile broadcaster

  • Lag, Buffering, or Choppy video on the end platform

  • Mobile Stream does not connect to YouTube

Stream doesn't connect to Restream from the mobile broadcaster

Quite often, when the stream doesn't connect to Restream at all when using a mobile broadcasting app, it's due to how the RTMP URL and Streamkey are being entered into the application.

Most of the time, when a user goes to set up their mobile broadcaster, they are going to their Restream dashboard and selecting the following option:

When selecting the "Copy link for mobile" both the Restream URL and Streamkey are copied into one line like this: rtmp://

For some mobile applications, this is fine as it requests the URL and Key be entered into the same field. However, for several popular mobile broadcasters, the URL and Key need to be entered separately. So, if you just paste that into those fields both the URL and Key are incorrect and your stream will not connect.

Great examples of this are one of the recommended mobile apps we suggest on our HC: StreamLabs Mobile.

This is StreamLabs Mobile option for using a Custom RTMP server to connect to Restream. The URL and Key must be entered separately!

If the URL and Streamkey are entered incorrectly, but the stream still doesn't connect to Restream, please provide us the following information:

  • Are you connecting over WiFi or trying to use the mobile data network?

  • Do you have active internet service available to you through a mobile device at the moment?

Lag, Buffering, or Choppy video on the end platform

When experiencing poor stream quality or video issues when streaming over a mobile device, more often than not it's a problem with the network connection.

Our streaming recommendations always include suggestions to connect over a hardwired network when possible. This is for a couple of reasons:

  • Wireless connections are prone to interference from other wireless devices that are using the same wireless frequency.

  • Available bandwidth is constantly fluctuating is affected by external factors of location, interference, number of other wireless devices connected, and more.

Streaming over a mobile data network is never recommended. Most mobile data networks will throttle the available bandwidth for the device to a low amount. Additionally, most mobile data networks have a maximum amount of data that can be used in a certain time period, once that cap is reached further throttling happens.

Mobile Stream does not connect to YouTube

There are two reasons a mobile stream does not connect to YouTube specifically:

  1. The YouTube channel has less than 1000 subscribers.

  2. You are using a GoPro to stream.

YouTube has a requirement that only allows channels with 1000+ subscribers to be able to stream from a mobile encoder to their platform. This is YouTube's requirement and is not controlled by Restream.

YouTube has blocked being able to stream from a GoPro to their platform. The reason is due to previous issues with acts of violence being streamed from GoPro to their platform. This controlled 100% by YouTube and there is no workaround to bypass this block. You can try contacting YouTube directly and requesting that your channel be whitelisted for streaming from that device. Even if you meet the 1000 subscriber requirement, you will likely still need to be whitelisted by YouTube in order to use a GoPro.

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