There are a couple of ways to schedule a stream on your YouTube channel:

Create an event using Restream Events

Restream Events is a brand new feature that allows you to schedule a live stream in advance and share the link with your audience! Restream Events enable you to set a thumbnail for the event and customize the title and description for your streams.

That is a super fast and easy way of creating an event and we encourage everyone to use it!

Tip: When you create an event through Restream Events this automatically creates an event on YouTube as well. You don't need to do any other actions on the YouTube side.

Schedule event on YouTube and connect it to Restream using an automatic connection

1. Connect YouTube to Restream. You can learn how to do it here.

2. Head over to your Youtube Studio and click "Schedule Stream".

Schedule stream in the YouTube Studio

3. From here you want to select the follow settings:

YouTube scheduled stream options

Stream Title - This is how you would be able to find the event in the Restream account. Keep in mind that you still can adjust the title and description of your stream from here.

Stream privacy - public, unlisted, or private. If you are planning a closed Event (invitations only) or you are running a test, we recommend setting it to unlisted. Otherwise, please choose public.

Choose the category and date of your event. Choose the audience. Please keep in mind that selecting the "yes, it's made for kids" category may require additional approval from the YouTube side.

4. Hop over back to Restream Dashboard and press the Edit destinations button.

Restream Edit Destination

5. Press Edit beside YouTube.

Edit YouTube Destination Restream

6. From the drop-down menu choose your event and press Save.

YouTube Event Dropdown Restream

You are now ready to stream to your custom YouTube Event using Restream!

Share the link to YouTube Event you have just created from your YouTube account and invite people to your stream! You can follow that link to watch your stream if it's set to unlisted or private.

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