We are getting lots of questions whether another person can help manage the stream and specifically manage chat.

Important: If you would like to have another person assist in managing the stream, and Restream Chat within the Restream Studio, that person will need to be the host of the stream. Only the host can control the aspects such as Graphics overlays, layouts, and reply in the Restream Chat.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get a co-producer of the stream:

  1. Potential co-producer needs to create a Restream account and start a stream via Restream Studio.
  2. Then he needs to send you a guest invite.
  3. Co-producer toggles himself off.

4. You join the stream and start presenting.

This way your co-producer becomes a host of the stream. He can manage graphics (overlays, background, etc.) and manage chat. But nobody will hear or see him.

You will be a guest and you will be responsible for the stream itself.

Note: If you are planning to invite other guests to the stream, your co-producer needs to send them invites and he will be managing guests as well.

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