1) Extra destination βž•

Allows you to add an additional channel of the same platform.

For example 2x Facebook channels or 2x YouTube channels.

2) Custom destination ✍️

Allows you to stream to any custom platform or media server which provides an RTMP URL and stream key via a Custom RTMP channel.

For example Wowza, Vimeo, Akamai.

Let’s review some examples and compare the two

You would like to stream to your Facebook personal profile and Vimeo. Facebook personal profiles are listed among our supported services and you can stream to yours for free. To stream to a Facebook personal profile and Vimeo you need 1 custom destination, as Vimeo is set up through an RTMP URL and stream key, making it a custom channel. You would need our Standard plan, which supports 1 custom destination.

1 Facebook personal profile

0 Extra destinations

1 Vimeo Account

1 Custom destination


1 Custom destination = Standard Plan

If you decide to stream to 2 Facebook personal profiles, a Facebook group, YouTube and Vimeo, you would also need 2 extra destinations since any additional Facebook channel beyond the first one requires it. You will also still need 1 custom destination for Vimeo. That would be covered by in our Professional plan, which allows up to 3 custom or extra destinations.

1 Facebook personal profile

0 Extra destinations

2 additional Facebook channels (2nd personal profile and a group)

2 Extra destinations

1 YouTube account

0 Extra destinations

1 Vimeo account

1 Custom destination


2 Extra + 1 Custom destination = Professional plan

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