Did you ever notice that the first few seconds of your stream don't appear at the end platform as well as the last few seconds?

That happens due to the current nature of how platforms work with streams and buffering. End platforms need some time to process your incoming stream properly. For faster direct streaming platforms like Twitch, it may be 2-10 seconds, and for slower event-based platforms like YouTube and Facebook, it may be from 20 to 120 seconds in some rare cases.

This time loss happens for all platforms independently of if you stream to them directly or with Restream.

Solution: Please add additional 15-40 seconds depending on your target platforms before and after the stream not to lose important stream pieces - for example, "We're starting in a few seconds" and "Stream ends in a few seconds".

If you are streaming with Restream Studio, you can use the included countdown videos before your stream starts - they are available in the graphics section.

Countdown videos

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