With EpocCam, easily transform your mobile companion into a high definition Mac or PC webcam.

Setup Guide:

  • To download and setup EpocCam, follow this guide here.

  • Depending on the Web Browser, you may be prompted to select your Camera and Microphone. Select Allow. Otherwise, your web browser will prevent EpocCam from being selected as a camera source. Below are some example messages you may see with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:

  • Select EpocCam as a Camera Source.

If EpocCam doesn't automatically appear once you turned on your video, click on the wheel icon below the stream preview.

From here, select EpocCam Camera under the Video input. Once selected, the video source will automatically be saved.

  • EpocCam will automatically connect once a connection is established. If EpocCam is having trouble connecting, check out our guide here.

EpocCam troubleshooting:

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