Good speed test results but bad actual upload speed

In some cases, users test their speed and get great results, but when they start to actually stream, they can't reach even 10% of the bandwidth they were reported they had. This may be a clear indication of unstable connectivity. While speed tests do the test of upload speed, they don't have any way to tell if your connection is good.

This situation normally happens to users connected over a wireless connection with many devices in the same network or with obstacles between the streamer's device and the WiFi emitter. In such cases, you need to either boost the signal by using WiFi repeaters/mesh networks, or by getting closer to the signal source and disconnecting all other devices from the same network. Ideally, you want to connect over wires to avoid any interference coming from outside.

If you are connected over wires, have good upload speed but still can't stream reliably, you can try streaming to other services, or select a different Restream server to stream to, which will be closer to your location. If you can stream to other services just fine, but can not stream to any of Restream servers, please contact our support crew.

Can't connect to Restream

There are two main categories of reasons for not being able to connect to Restream servers. First is a block by network carrier/user firewall; Second is your broadcaster misconfiguration.

To make sure it's not a user issue you can try to ping Restream servers.
SERVERNAME uses one of our server addresses from the page without "rtmp://" and "/live" parts. For instance, your SERVERNAME may look like then follow these steps

On Windows:

  1. Press Win+R

  2. Type:cmd

  3. Press Enter

  4. Input: ping SERVERNAME

  5. Press Enter

On Mac:

  1. Open system terminal

  2. Input: ping SERVERNAME

  3. Press Enter

If you see something like this, then you can reach our servers:


If you can reach our servers, but still can not stream, try to modify RTMP URL in your encoder so it will send the stream over to port 80 - for that you will need to switch it from streaming services to manual URL designation mode. In the case of EU-Central server rtmp:// the change will look like rtmp://, so you basically need to add ":80" before the "/live" part.

If that does not help, check if you have any antivirus/firewall software enabled and if it has any app-specific rules. In some cases, it's enough to whitelist your broadcasting software to get it working.

If you can not reach our servers then you should see if you are located in a limited environment - those are normally corporative or public networks. In this case, you can either contact your network administrator to whitelist Restream servers in their firewall or try to bypass the restriction by using a VPN service.

Stream will not go to some of the connected platforms

Sometimes your stream may go fine to a set of connected platforms while not being delivered to another at all. There are two possible issues:

  1. Bad stream parameters. Sometimes platforms will reject streams coming with incorrect parameters. For instance, platforms like Facebook, Periscope, and Picarto have lower recommended settings than other platforms, which may lead to troubles or even an inability to stream to them. You always need to check if your stream was within recommended streaming parameters before you check for other possible reasons.

  2. Expired token or insufficient permissions. In case of an expired token, try removing the platform from the list of added platforms and add it back again, then try streaming. If it will not help try streaming to the platform directly without the help of Restream - if you will not be able to do so, then your account lacks permissions to stream, and you should get livestreaming enabled on the platform.

Stream shuts down spontaneously

If your stream disconnects often, you first need to understand if it's your ISP or your encoder.
If you are sure it's all fine on your end, but stream disconnects on one of your end platforms, make sure you're streaming with proper settings for that platform, then contact our support. If you are unsure of where the issue is happening, try these steps:

  1. Make a local recording, and see if it plays back without issues.

  2. If you are connected over WiFi, try getting a wired Internet connection.

  3. Try streaming to one of your end platforms without Restream, and also to the one where you have noticed disconnects. See if issues repeat for both, or only for the one you initially had disconnects with.

  4. Sometimes specific apps cause disconnect while they work in parallel with your stream. For instance, running Adobe Photoshop may cause your stream to stop after about an hour and will not let you resume it unless you restart the app.

  5. If there were no issues with direct streaming, but you have them while you stream with Restream - try streaming to another Restream server. If that doesn't help, contact our support service letting them know about all the steps you've taken.

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