Hosting a podcast or show has never been easier! Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, you can create your entire podcast using the powerful tools in Restream Studio.

Get ready to streamline your workflow and expand your audience reach with Restream’s easy-to-use, all-in-one podcasting solution.

How do I record my podcast without going live?

Note: The Record Only feature is available on our Standard plan and above. Visit our pricing page for more info and to upgrade.

To record video or audio without going live, open Restream Studio and press the Record Only button. This will automatically switch your destination channels to “OFF” so you’re able to record without live streaming.

When you’re ready to end your recording, press the “End recording” button.

All your recordings are stored securely in the cloud, simply download your content for editing as needed then schedule it to go live on several social media platforms when you’re ready to release it to your audience.

How do I record my podcast in high-resolution audio?

Note: High-resolution audio is available on all free and paid plans.

Restream Studio’s High-Resolution Audio setting lets you record at a sample rate of 48kHz with a 256 kbps bitrate for professional-sounding audio. You can also choose between mono and stereo recording, giving you the option to create a more dynamic sound.

Learn how to enable High-Resolution Audio in Restream Studio.

How do I invite guests to my podcast?

Note: The ability to invite guests is available on all free and paid plans.

To invite guests to your podcast, simply click the “Invite Guests” button in Restream Studio and share the unique invite link with them.

You can have up to 10 participants join your recording, and can control your guests’ volume as well as how their video is displayed.

Visit this page to get the full scoop on how to invite and moderate your guests.

How do I personalize my podcast with custom graphics?

Note: Custom graphics are available on our Standard plan and above. Visit our pricing page for more info and to upgrade.

With Restream Studio you can ensure your podcast looks professional by adding custom overlays, backgrounds, logotypes, nameplates, calls to action, banners, colored captions, countdown videos, and more!

Visit this page to learn how to add custom graphics to your recording or stream.

How do I share my screen during my podcast?

Note: Our Screen Share feature is available on all free and paid plans.

You can share your screen during a recording or stream by clicking the “Share screen” button in Restream studio. Whether you’re presenting discussion questions or reviewing an app, sharing your screen can help to keep your audience engaged and on the same page as you.

Visit this page for full details on how to share your screen, how to adjust your layout when screen sharing, plus troubleshooting help.

How do I download my podcast recording?

Note: The ability to download your recordings is available on our Standard plan and above.

Once you end your recording, you can click the “Download recordings” link to download the full video (MP4) or full audio (M4A) of your recording.

If you have a Professional plan or higher you’ll have access to our Split Track Recording feature. This gives you the option to download individual audio tracks for each of your recording’s participants.

You can also go to your Video Storage page to view and download your recordings. Your recordings will be stored on Restream for 15 days on personal plans and 30 days on company plans.

How do I stream my podcast or show?

Note: Access to Restream Events is available on our Professional plan and above. Visit our pricing page for more info and to upgrade.

Once you’re ready to share your podcast with your audience, use Restream Events to schedule your podcast to stream at the perfect time. Restream Events also makes promotion easy by creating shareable links for social media and letting you customize your event’s title, description, and preview image.

How do I connect Zoom to Restream Studio?

Note: The ability to connect to Zoom is available on our Premium plan and above. Visit our pricing page for more info and to upgrade.

Our powerful RTMP Source feature allows you to connect Restream Studio to Zoom, so you can take advantage of Zoom functionalities such as audience members being able to call into your show or enabling up to 1000 participants to join!

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to connect your Zoom with Restream Studio.

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