Restream Pairs for Events

Learn how to live stream directly to your guests’ channels using Restream Pairs.

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With Restream Pairs you can invite guests to add their channels to your scheduled event, allowing you to live stream to both your channels and your guests’ channels, amplifying your views!

Note: To be able to use the Pairs feature, the host needs at least a Standard plan. But it's totally free for Guests to pair up to 3 channels (including paid ones) even on their free plan. 🎉

How do I invite guests to connect their channels to my event?

Restream Pairs

1. Open the Restream Events page and press the “Create Event” button. You can pair channels for both Pre-Recorded and Live Events! To do this, you can elect “Stream a Video File" or "Schedule Event" and fill in the info needed to create an event, including the:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Date and time

  • Thumbnail image

Once you’ve completed all the fields press “Next.”

2. Choose which platforms you would like to stream your event to and press “Create Event.”

3. After you press the "Create event" button, you will see a pop-up with a Pairs link. Toggle on the Pairs link to appear blue. Copy the link and share it with your guests, then press “Done.”

Restream Pairs Link

Your event is now created!

Be sure to let your guests know that they can add their channels to the event. When you go live, your stream will automatically be sent to the channels your guests added in addition to your own.

Note: Guests need to add channels before the event starts. Adding channels won’t be possible once the event goes live.

Pro tip: Guests cannot pair with your event any earlier than 7 days in advance. If you share a link with them before that time window, they'll see this message, prompting them to revisit the event 7 days before its scheduled time.

Restream Pairs

Does my guest HAVE to be present for the event to go live on their channels?

No, they don't have to be present. This can be a professional affiliate, associate, friend, or someone you know with access to an endless amount of audiences. This incredible feature-capability will allow you to stream directly on their platforms, even if you don't stream together. Your guests will add their channels via Restream Pairs and let you run the show.

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