With Restream Pairs, you can invite others to add their channels to your scheduled event, allowing you to live stream to both you and another person's channels, amplifying your views!

Note: To use Restream Pairs, the event host will need at least a Professional plan. Paired channels can be added free (including paid channels).

How do I invite others to connect their channels to my event?

1. Open your Restream Events page and press "Create Event." Select "Schedule a Live Stream" and construct your event, then click "Next."

2. Choose which of your platforms you would like to stream to and press "Create Event."

3. You'll then see your Restream Pairs link! Send this link to anyone you would like to add channels to your event. After you have copied the link, click "Done."

4. When you are ready to go live, click the options button on the event card and click "RTMP Settings."

5. Update your streaming software (OBS, Zoom, XSplit, etc.) with those settings and click "Done."

Important Note: These settings will change for each new event you create. Please be sure to update your Stream Key for each new event.

You're ready to go!

Be sure to remind those you invite to your event to add their channels using the Restream Pairs link! Channels need to be added before the event starts. Adding channels won't be possible once the event goes live.

How can I see chat messages from paired channels?

Restream Chat is ready to handle all Paired channels! You'll see what channel they're coming from and whether they're from a paired channel or your own!

How can I get my Restream Pairs link after I created the event?

From your Restream Events page, click "Pair Channels" on the event card. The same popup from when you created the event will appear so you can copy the link again.

How can I see which channels others have added to my event or remove channels I don't want?

From your Restream Events page, click the profile images next to "Pair Channels." From here, you can see which channels others have added to your event, and you can disable them with the toggle switch.

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