With Restream Studio you can stream and record video in Full HD (1080p) resolution for high-quality video performance.

Important Note: You should have at least a Professional subscription to use this feature.

How do I enable Full HD (1080p) resolution in Restream Studio?

  1. Go to Restream Studio and press the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

  2. Navigate to the drop-down menu under "Live Stream Quality" to select "Full High Definition (1080p @ 30fps)".

    That's it! You are now ready to stream in Full HD using Restream Studio.

Tip: Make sure to enable Full HD before you go live! You will not be able to switch from a lower resolution to Full HD while you are actively streaming.

Important Note: Keep in mind that if the streaming platform you are sending your stream to doesnโ€™t support broadcasts in 1080p, your stream quality will be automatically changed to a lower one.

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