Restream Studio Chat and Captions allow you to engage your audience on a whole new level. Create content and attract your audience with attention-grabbing captions and highlighting comments to make them appear directly in your live stream. Restream Studio offers you the ability to allow your audience to participate directly in your content as you create it.

Restream Studio Chat

When you use Restream Studio, your chat tab on the right-hand side displays messages from all the channels you are connected to. You can send messages to each channel as well. Forget about keeping hundreds of tabs in your browser open! Restream Chat makes it all available in one place 🎉

Restream Studio Chat

If you want to spotlight an individual message on your feed, simply click “Show” over the comment. Hover over the comment and click "Hide" to remove it when you are done.

Chat overlay also allows you to pull all live comments into the live stream preview. To enable this feature, you’ll simply go to the Chat tab and toggle on the Chat Overlay. It will then appear as a live feed of incoming comments on the right side of your stream preview.

You can also pin messages in Restream Studio Chat 🌟 Locate the comment you want to pin and hover over it to click on the star. The message is now pinned for you to easily locate and sort through under your pinned messages list!

Restream Studio Pinned Messages


Our Captions feature allows you to create text banners or questions to engage with your audience. You can easily choose what text to display at the left bottom corner of your stream by creating your custom captions under the "Captions" tab in Studio. Switch between pre-saved captions to encourage your audience to participate via chat. Captions can be created before your stream starts or even on the spot.

Captions limit: 300 captions.

Restream Studio Chat Captions

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