Directly in the middle of the page, you'll notice your stream preview. Everything that your audience will see is what will appear in the stream preview window. Underneath the preview, you have the tools that will allow you to have more control over the capabilities that are built into the Studio.

Restream Studio Preview

Audio and Video

Audio and Video can be enabled and disabled by clicking directly on the microphone and camera icons.

Are you interested in sharing content without appearing directly on the broadcast? Add a Custom Avatar to elevate your stream’s look and help your audience identify who is speaking when your camera is off.

Pro tip: To stream in full HD (1080p), you’ll need to ensure that you have a webcam that can support this quality and that you have a Professional plan or higher. Check this article for more details.

Restream Studio Audio and Video

Share Screen

Screen sharing will allow you to share a presentation, music video, live poll, or just about anything you want to spotlight for your audience.

Restream Studio Screen Sharing


With Restream Studio you can invite guests into your broadcast! If you’re using the free version of Restream, you can have up to six participants inside the studio, including yourself. Any of our paid plans will allow you to have up to 10 participants inside the studio, including yourself.

Restream Studio Guests


Our Add Source tab allows you to add incredible streaming elements directly into your Live Studio content. You can easily enable background music, RTMP Source, and local video files to appear directly into your live stream.

Restream Studio Sources

Pro tip: RTMP Source requires users to be subscribed to the Premium plan or higher. This feature allows you to incorporate feeds from encoders directly into the Studio.


Everything you need to fine-tune your broadcast is gathered under Restream Studio Settings. You can adjust the general settings as well as video and audio settings, take advantage of our green screen feature, and check out the hotkey shortcuts, all located in one place. Make your upcoming live streams impossible to forget by enabling the right settings that will take your broadcast to the next level.

Restream Studio Settings

Pro tip: Are you a musician or professional with advanced audio devices? We recommend checking out our high-resolution audio in the settings to take your sound to producer-level quality.

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