Presentations in Studio
Live stream your presentations like a pro with the slide share feature in Studio.
Written by Paul Nguyen
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Presenting live can be stressful. Escape the “technical hell” with your slides by using Restream Presentations.

💡 Your co-producers can now help you change the slides.

🧐 How do Presentations work in Studio?

  1. In Restream Studio, click on the Add source (+) icon.

  2. Click on Presentations.

  3. Upload files from your computer (pdf (recommended), key, pptx, docx) or Google Drive (google slides, google docs).

    💡We recommend saving Powerpoint presentations with embedded fonts following this guide to avoid having a different front after uploading to Restream.

    ❗️Currently, it is not possible to upload slides with animations and videos. All slides are static.

  4. You can upload up to 24 presentations in advance and easily navigate them while seeing your audience's comments and your video.

  5. The presentation will appear as an additional feed on your Studio's left-hand preview area. Toggle on the presentation to play it.

    presentations in studio

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