Tickers in Studio

Learn how to add scrolling text in Restream Studio.

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Go live with attention-grabbing scrolling text in your live stream. It's perfect for call-to-action and "breaking news" style announcements.

How to use tickers in Studio

1. Go to Restream Studio and navigate to the Captions tab on the right-hand panel.

2. Press the "Add" button in the Tickers section.

Add scrolling text in Restream Studio

You can have up to 300 tickers per brand folder. The maximum ticker length is 1000 characters.

3. Press on the ticker you would like to show on your stream.

4. Scrolling text will appear at the bottom of the Studio Preview. πŸŽ‰

You can customize the background colour of the ticker by changing the Primary Color selection in the Design tab.

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