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Restream makes it easy to broadcast live content to your favourite platforms. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and other popular platforms all at once, from one account.

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1. Create an account with Restream

Create a new account on the sign-up page with a unique username and password. Make sure to enter a real email address that you check regularly.

Sign up to Restream.io

2. Choose the platforms you would like to stream to

Next, choose which platforms you would like to stream to from our available list of services. We recommend choosing platforms your customers/viewers are already using!

3. Choose the right plan for you

We have different subscription plans to cover all your needs. The Restream basic plan is absolutely free.

Tip: You will need a Professional plan or higher to stream pre-recorded videos.

4. Add your channels to Restream

Now that you have chosen your platforms, you can add them as channels to your Restream account. Head to your Restream Dashboard and click on the Add Destination button to see a list of your available options!

Restream Dashboard

For more information on how to set up specific streaming platforms, you can read more below.

Tip: If you need to stream to a site/platform that you do not see listed in our channels section, you may need to use Custom RTMP to stream to it.

5. Choose your broadcasting preferences

We are always adding new features based on feedback from our customers. Today, we are happy to offer a wide range of options to help you stream:


Use our very own Restream Studio

With a streaming software

Check out popular encoder setups

Pre-recorded content

Schedule a pre-recorded stream with Restream Events

From your phone

Stream directly from your mobile device

Record only

Record a stream without going live

To your website

Send your stream to your own website

With multiple participants

Invite guests to your Studio stream

From Zoom

Broadcast a Zoom meeting to your Restream channels

6. Take advantage of popular features

Now that you’re up and running, you can explore some of the other great tools Restream provides to help you maximize the impact of your stream.

  • Schedule and record

With Restream Events, you can schedule streams and let your audience know about upcoming events. It makes creating a consistent schedule and promoting your stream a breeze. You can even schedule a recorded video to stream at a specific date and time.

Speaking of recordings, did you know you can use Restream to record video (without broadcasting it)? It’s for rehearsals or for creating a video to stream later.

Tip: If you’re a podcaster, check this out! Restream can also create split-track audio recordings that you can repurpose for podcast content.

  • Chat with your audience

Interacting with your viewers is one of the best ways to keep them engaged with your stream but hopping from platform to platform and trying to keep up with comments and chats is just too chaotic. Restream Chat aggregates messages from all your platforms on one screen and lets you reply to them easily. You can even cross-post messages, so audiences on different platforms can interact with each other.

  • Track your metrics

Want to know how your stream performed? Curious about your audience size and their engagement levels? Restream Analytics gathers information from all your platforms and puts it in one place for easy analysis.

  • Stream with your team

Interested in setting up your team and colleagues with Restream? Restream Teams allow you to assign co-producer and co-hosting roles. This makes it easy to co-create with your production team!

  • Expand your reach to guest channels

Ever had a guest join you on a stream? What if you could maximize your views by streaming the same content to that person's channels as well? With Restream Pairs you can invite anyone to add their channels to your stream, allowing you to live stream to both your and their channels, amplifying your views!

To further facilitate your streaming experience, we have even more awesome features!

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