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Restream is a powerful and effective multi-streaming service that allows you to broadcast your live content to more than 30 streaming platforms simultaneously. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and other popular platforms all at once, from one account. There is no limit on the number of platforms you can stream to!

If you have not already, we recommend taking a quick look at our Streaming Terminology guide. Some of our steps may mention something that's new to you. There is no need to memorize every term — there are no exams! 😉

1. Create an account with Restream

Create a new account on the signup page. You will need to come up with a unique username and password. Also, you will need to type in your real email. That’s all it takes to register on Restream.

Tip: If you would like to stream pre-recorded videos and are currently using Scheduler, you still need to create an account with Restream and follow the below steps in order to set up destination platforms for broadcasting your pre-recorded videos.

Restream.io homepage

2. Choose platforms you would like to stream to

The next step requires you to choose the platforms you would like to stream to. We support 30+ top streaming platforms, like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can stream on all of them at once!

Pro tip: When choosing platforms, think which platforms your customers/viewers are using.

For more information and help, you can read our blog, where we compare the most popular streaming platforms. Also, we’ve got a simple guide to help you connect any streaming platform to your Restream account. Whether you want to stream to YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other platform, it’s super easy to do!

3. Choose the right plan for you

We have different subscription plans to cover all your needs. The Restream basic plan is absolutely free. It allows you to stream simultaneously to more than 30 different destinations, without any limits on quality or duration.

However, live streaming to some destinations, such as Facebook groups/pages or secondary accounts on platforms covered by our free plan (e.g., a second YouTube account), may require one of the paid subscription plans. You can check our detailed guide to pricing plans here.

Note: At least a Professional Restream plan is needed to stream pre-recorded videos.

4. Add your channels to Restream

Now that you’ve chosen your go-to streaming platforms, you can add them as channels to your Restream account. Simply click on the platform button and connect it with Restream. For more information on how to set up specific streaming platforms, you can read the article below.

Tip: If you need to stream to a site/platform that you don't see listed in our channels section, you may need to use Custom RTMP to stream to it. Learn more about Custom RTMP here.

5. Choose your broadcasting preferences

We take the feedback of our customers very seriously and build new products all the time in order to accommodate their needs. Today, we are happy to offer a few useful alternatives to support you in any streaming needs you have:

6. Learn about additional tools

Restream offers a lot of useful tools and features to help you improve your live streams. You can live stream your pre-recorded videos on multiple platforms with Events. We also provide some insightful data on your streams with the Analytics tool. In addition, our Chat allows you to read and reply to messages from all streaming platforms from one screen. To further facilitate your streaming experience, we have even more awesome features!

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