Hello and welcome to Restream.io!
is simple and free to use multi-streaming service! All you need is just setup an account and simply stream to Restream using any broadcast software of your choice and we duplicate that stream and send it to every one of your connected channels! No extra bandwidth or hardware needed! So it is just simple as that, you have 1 stream that we can make 30+ more!

1. Create an account with Restream

From the signup page, create a new account. You will need a unique username, email address and password. 

2. Connect Restream to your broadcasting software

When wanting to stream to Restream you must first make sure you have Encoding Software capable of streaming to Restream. Some encoding software such as OBS Studio and Elgato Game Capture HD both contain built in Restream Integrations, making connection easy! For other software, just make sure your software can stream via RTMP and Stream Key configurations and check out these articles on how to setup the most popular Streaming Software:

3.  Add your channels to Restream

After you've setup your Broadcast software to stream to Restream you need to setup the channels you wish to multistream to. You can do this by choosing the Add Channel Button and following our guides on how to setup your channel:

4. Learn about addtitional tools

Our service comes with a lot of different tools and features. You can learn about how to use Restream features and special tools right here.

If you need to stream to a site/platform that you don't see listed in our channels section. You may need to use Custom RTMP to stream to it, learn more about Custom RTMP here.

Tip: Custom RTMP also required to stream to Facebook.
Want to stream to the same platform on more than 1 channel, like two or three Twitch channels or two Mixer channels? Learn more about Extra Destinations here.  

We also have a bunch of special services that can help you grow even faster and help us make our service much better. You can learn how to manage your subscriptions here. Even that you are not required to have any of the paid services to be able to use our platform.

5. Try Restream Scheduler

And don't forget to check our special service - Restream Scheduler, developed to stream prerecorded videos ;)

We are glad to have you here with us! Hope you will have a great time using our service and interact with your audiences!


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