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Boost your sales. Let viewers buy directly from your live stream.

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Elevate your online selling game with Restream.

Live Sales is a powerful tool in Restream Studio that enables businesses and content creators to showcase and sell products in real-time during live streams.

Live Sales seamlessly connects with major e-commerce platforms, but also offers the flexibility of incorporating custom products. Effortlessly display your products and give your audience a direct path to making purchases.

Plus, Live Sales isn't limited to your own store – affiliates can get in on the action too!

Live Sales is perfect for...

  • Product launches

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Fundraisers

  • Pre-orders

  • Flash sales

  • Product demos

  • And more!

How to use Live Sales?

  1. Enter Restream Studio and click on the QR Codes tab.

  2. Click the Add button next to Live Sales to begin adding your products.

Restream can import products from your online store like Shopify, Amazon, and any e-commerce website with checkout for buyers.

Don't have an online shop or only want to add certain items? That's okay too! We make it easy to add custom products.

We also support affiliate links such as the ones Amazon offers to live shopping influencers.

Connect your store

Restream can easily connect to your online store and import all your products in one go! From there, you can select the items you wish to feature and personalize your live stream.

  • Paste the store link or choose from one of the listed options (Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc.).

  • Locate the items you want to highlight during your stream and click Add to list.

  • Click Edit to make any desired changes - such as the image, text, price, or link. Then click Save.

  • When you're done selecting your items, click Next.

Add a custom product

If you prefer to add just a particular item without importing from an online store, we've got a solution for that too!

  • Click Create from scratch.

  • Enter your product details - link, text, image and price - then click Create.

  • If you want to add additional items, click Create Product.

  • When your list is complete, click Next.

Adding products to your stream

  1. To add your products to the stream, click on the product image.

    • You can change how the item appears on the screen by choosing either Compact or Classic settings.

  2. Click on the product image again to remove it, or click on another product to replace it.

  3. Viewers can scan the QR codes displayed in your live shopping video. The QR code will take them to your product page, where they can confirm their purchase and check out.

    When someone scans your QR Сode, it will show an alert in Studio and on the outgoing stream. This can be enabled or disabled by toggling the "Show QR code scan alerts on stream" option in your Settings.

QR codes in Restream Studio help make actionable streams even if you don’t have a store or a product to sell.

Invite viewers to donate, sign up for your course, or check out your blog with a simple QR code scan.

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