Restream is a powerful and effective multi-streaming platform that helps you stream to more than 30+ channels simultaneously. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and others— at the same time, from one account.

Live streaming video is a next step in the evolution of content creation. Streaming live helps you increase viewer engagement and interact with them in real time.

Restream enables you reach a larger audience with your streaming efforts. It’s no longer necessary to choose the best fit platform for your live video, just stream to all of them at once with Restream.

Restream Chat helps you to interact and engage with the communities on every platform. It will take comments from each of your supported platforms and bring them to one place. Moreover, you can also respond on most platforms!

Restream Scheduler allows you to upload pre-recorded videos and have them live streamed on your behalf to any of your connected destinations! Just choose a certain date and time!

Restream Titles enables you change all of your platform's titles all at once from one place! Connect your channels to Restream and see which ones are supported by choosing Titles.

Use Restream Social Alerts to notify Twitter, Facebook and Discord community when you go live! As soon as we start receiving a stream from you, we'll send your pre-created message to all three destinations!

The Restream Monitor helps you to monitor the health of your stream. You'll be able to check the data of the stream as we receive it, before anything is sent to your connected platforms. 

Restream Analytics allows you see how your community is growing. You can track tons of interesting metrics from average viewers to watched minutes to your most used emoji in chat! 

Check out our blog post here, if you want to learn more reasons to stream on multiple platforms with Restream.


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