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What is Restream

Who can use Restream?

Is it possible to watch live streams in Restream?

Is it free?

What equipment do I need to stream with Restream?

What features does Restream offer?

What is Restream?

Restream is a powerful and effective live streaming service that allows you to broadcast your live content to more than 30 streaming platforms simultaneously. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and other popular platforms all at once, from one account. There is no limit on the number of platforms you can stream to!

Some of the coolest reasons to try out Restream include insightful analytics to improve your stream quality, unlimited streaming time and bitrate, easy solutions for unsupported platforms, the ability to stream your pre-recorded videos with Restream Events, and many more!

Who can use Restream?

Restream is great for businesses, non-profit organizations, governments, DJs, churches, and other individuals who create live videos and would like to gain more viewers.

Live streaming video has been a huge step in the evolution of content creation. Streaming live allows you to interact with viewers in real-time, thus increasing your audience engagement.

Restream helps you maximize your audience reach effortlessly. It’s no longer necessary to choose one streaming platform to commit to. You can easily stream to all of them at once with Restream.

Is it possible to watch live streams in Restream?

No. Restream allows you to stream your live videos to the end platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn, but it doesn’t support watching live streams from the account.

Is it free?

Restream offers a number of plans. Our Free plan allows you to stream to 30+ platforms simultaneously without any limit in the number of platforms. Keep in mind, however, that Restream branding will be visible in LIVE streams for Free and Standard plans.

Some platforms (e.g., Facebook pages/groups or Twitter), as well as additional accounts for platforms covered with our Free plan (like a second YouTube account), may require you to purchase one of our paid plans. Please, check our detailed guide to pricing here.

What equipment do I need to stream with Restream?

Starting your first live stream is easy! With Restream Studio you only need your computer to go live instantly to 30+ different platforms, no additional equipment is required. However, as you progress with live streaming and want to improve, you should consider upgrading your microphone, and lights to improve the quality of your streams. You can check our basic equipment recommendations here.

What features does Restream offer?

Restream Chat allows you to interact and engage with the communities on every platform in real-time. It takes comments from each of your supported platforms and brings them to one place. Moreover, you can also respond on most platforms directly from Restream Chat!

Restream Events allows you to upload pre-recorded videos and have them live streamed on your behalf to any of your connected destinations. Just choose a certain date and time!

Restream Titles enables you to change all of your platform's titles all at once from one place! Connect your channels to Restream and see which ones are supported by choosing Titles.

Use Restream Social Alerts to notify the Twitter, Facebook, and Discord communities when you go live! As soon as we start receiving a stream from you, we'll send your pre-created message to all three destinations.

Restream Monitor helps you track the health of your stream. You'll be able to check the data of the stream as we receive it before anything is sent to your connected platforms.

Restream Analytics allows you to see how your community is growing. You can analyze tons of interesting metrics, from average viewers and watch minutes to your most-used emojis in the chat!

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