Video Tutorial

Setting up the Restream Chat on Windows

1 Go to the Restream Dashboard

Tip: You can create a new account or sign-in to your existing account.

2. Add the channels you wish to stream too! Full documentation here

3. Head over to the Restream Chat section and chose "Download App"

4. After download choose "Run."

5. Allow some time for the Restream Chat Installer to finish

6. Sign into the Restream Chat

Tip: Your Restream Chat credentials are the same as your credentials

7. Choose "Login to Reply."

8. Choose "Accounts" from the Nav Menu. Connect all the accounts listed in the Chat Application

Tip: Some channels will allow connection using Auth while others will need your Username and Password

9. Once all channels are connected, close the Settings window

10. You may now type in chat to reply to all connected channels!

Important: Only some channels support Replies via the Restream Chat. From the Restream Window, you can choose the Drop Down menu located at the top to see your viewers; this will also show you which channels have replies available and how to enable it. You can also check our chat supported platforms for more information.


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