Setting up VK Live with Restream

You have to be registered at

Important: You need to have Live Streaming enabled on your account.

1. Go to the Restream Dashboard and choose "Add Channel".

Add Channel to Restream

2. Pick VK Live from the list of the platforms.

Connect VK Live to Restream

3. Click on "Connect VK Live".

Connect VK Live

Tip: If you are logged in you will just need to click "Allow"

Allow Restream on VK Live

Tip: You can also click "log out" and use another account if you need.

Log in to VK Live

4. After that, VK Live will be added to the list of your connected platforms. It will pre-determine your Personal page for streaming, so you will have to "Edit Settings" if needed.

Edit VK Live on Restream

5. Along with your Personal Page, you will see the list of all the groups you are able to stream to. 

VK live groups on Restream

6. Just click "Save" after you have finished editing.

Save VK Live on Restream

Now you are ready to go live at VK. You can learn how to set up other platforms here.

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