Starting your first live stream is easy! With Restream Studio you only need your computer to go live instantly to 30+ different platforms, no additional equipment is required. However, as you progress with live streaming and want to improve, you should consider upgrading your microphone, and lights to improve the quality of your streams.

In this article, we will cover some basic recommendations to help you set up and start your first stream:

  1. A good (fast and stable) internet connection is vital. As much as 80% of issues with the video or audio quality of your stream are directly connected to the internet issues. Therefore, to minimize the probability of such hiccups, it is recommended to use LAN instead of WiFi. Keep in mind it’s important for you to have both a high upload speed and a stable connection. We recommend checking the quality of your connection before going live here:

  2. Up-to-date streaming software. New iterations of streaming software come out pretty often. Make sure you have the latest patches installed.

  3. Sufficient equipment. Please, keep in mind live streaming may require the high processing power of your PC. It is important to have more CPU to prevent glitches and interruptions during your live streams. Also, make sure you have the latest version of the browser.

  4. A decent microphone. When it comes to sound on live streams, microphones play a crucial part. When you just start streaming and do your first sessions, it’s perfectly fine to use a built-in microphone on your computer or laptop (especially if you start with Restream studio). However, as you progress, good audio quality becomes even more important. Therefore, you may consider investing in USB or XLR microphones for that crystal clear sound. Regardless of the type of microphone, make sure that it is switched on and the sound actually goes into the stream. :)

  5. Video camera. You can never go wrong with a good camera. :) We recommend starting with your computer's built-in camera and microphone with Restream Studio and upgrading later, as soon as you feel comfortable. Here in Restream, to host our lives we use a laptop built-in camera and Logitech camera. However, the choice of camera is very diverse, so you should be able to find the one that suits your needs the best with ease.

  6. Lighting. Good lighting is certainly more like a recommendation rather than something mandatory. However, it is true that live streaming with additional lighting tools looks much more professional!

  7. A pro background. The most important thing when starting a live session is to make sure that there are no socks and pajamas visible on your screen. It’s best to use a very simple background with a wall behind you or a poster. Of course, using a green screen will make your streams look more professional and will offer much more flexibility in choosing a background, however, it’s completely optional.

  8. Correct settings. If you are streaming with Restream Studio, we already adjusted all settings for you, we are using the most optimal one for the stream. However, if you are streaming with OBS, make sure that the settings of your video stream corresponding to the settings of the end platform you are streaming to. Please check our recommended settings here.

  9. Don’t panic if something goes wrong. In case of an oopsie during your stream, just pretend nothing happened and play it cool. It happens to the best of us, and, luckily, the audience usually is very understanding. We also recommend signing up for our business subscription plan to enable the fallback of your streams, if something goes wrong.

Restream doesn’t modify your live streams in any way. If there are any issues with the video or audio quality, most probably, they can be solved on your end. Try restarting everything if something goes wrong, and don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 support if you need any help!

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