These are the most common questions asked by our users. Learn more about Restream and its possibilities!

1. Can I stream only audio? 🔈

Yes, we do support audio-only live streams! You can start a live stream with a static image or black screen, keep your camera off, and broadcast your audio content. Often, our users would send audio-only streams to Mixcloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

2. Can I record my streams? 🎞

Yes! On all paid plans, we save your streams with the Restream Recordings feature.

3. Can I have private streams? 🕵️‍♂️

At the moment, only YouTube and Facebook can support this format. You can see how to set your privacy for both here.

4. Is it possible to send two streams to different platforms at the same time? 👀

Only one live session can occur per Restream account at any given time, so multiple streams happening simultaneously will require an equivalent number of Restream accounts. If you are planning to send one stream to YouTube and Twitter, and another stream to Facebook and Twitch at the same time, you would need to broadcast these two streams from two different Restream accounts.

5. Does Restream support the multi-camera option? 📹

Multi-camera support is not yet available. However, you can use this guide to feed multiple cameras in our Studio through the guest feature.

6. Are there any limitations on the number of active streams, the number of accounts, etc.?

There is no limitation on the number of hours you can stream, the number of accounts per platform, or a number of destinations you can send your stream to. We also do not limit your quality (such as bitrate, etc.) in any way, even with our free plans. Keep in mind streaming to some platforms may require our paid subscription.

7. Can I stream to TikTok with Restream? 📱

TikTok live is offered to a limited number of TikTok creators currently. If you have access, you can connect using a Custom RTMP channel on our service.

8. Does streaming with Restream add extra delay to stream? ⏰

Even with our super fast jet engines converted into Servers, we still add about 2 seconds of delay to your stream. This is not affected by how many channels you have, it is always 2 seconds or less!

9. Do I need an additional upload speed to stream to Restream? 🌐

Not at all! Our servers have been hit with a secret spell that allows them to do all the work needed to duplicate your stream multiple times and cast it to all connected platforms at once, with no additional speed needed! If you want to learn more about upload speed for streaming, check out our blog post here.

10. Can I invite my colleagues/team to manage streams with me? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

You totally can! Restream Teams (Beta) is a new feature that allows an account holder to add teammates and assign roles like production and/or co-hosting live streams.

11. Is there a way to send my stream to the channels of friends/guests/colleagues? 🔗

Restream Pairs is a feature that allows your guests (and anyone you want!) to add their channels to your live streams. With this tool, available to all paid users, you can amplify your live streams and boost your views! 

12. Can I invite guests to join me on a stream? 🙋

Absolutely! Our guests feature allows you to invite people to your stream. To top that, both you and your guests can use our screen sharing feature to broadcast your screen to your viewers and incorporate elements like presentations, videos, pictures, and more!

13. Does Restream support green screen? 🟩

Restream supports both green screen and virtual backgrounds for all users.

14. How can I manage my chat when streaming to multiple platforms at once? 💬

Managing your incoming and outgoing comments is easy with Restream Chat! With this function, you get all of your chats and messages in one place to read and reply to.

15. Do I have to use Restream Studio to stream from or can I also use my own software? 💻

Restream Studio is pretty cool but if you are looking for added functionality and customization, you can also connect your preferred streaming software to Restream via RTMP.

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