Everything you need to know about Transcoding. What is Transcoding? When should I use it?

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Transcoding is a Restream feature that allows you to downgrade the quality of specific connected channels/platforms, without affecting the rest of your streams. This can be useful with platforms that have low bitrate caps.

Transcoding will allow you to have a high-quality stream for platforms that allow it and still be able to stream to the platforms which have lower requirements and your stream will not be denied by their systems.

Transcoding hours can be easily purchased here.

Why does Transcoding need to be purchased by the hour?
Stream transcoding is a very server-intensive and expensive process.

How to setup Transcoding

1. Navigate to your Restream Dashboard and open "Connect to OBS, Zoom..."

2. Press the three dots next to the channel you'd like to be transcoded and select "Transcoding".

3. You will get a pop-out window where you need to turn transcoding "on" and input the settings you wish to downgrade your stream for that specific channel.

4. Hit "Save" to apply the changes. And when you start the stream, your enabled channels will be transcoded to fit the end platform.

Transcoding on Restream

Tip: Make sure to stream in the bitrate and quality you wish all non-transcode channels to receive!

Do not enter a higher bitrate than you are streaming into the Transcoding options!

How are Transcoding Hours shared between channels?

They are divided! For example, if you've purchased 5 hours of Transcoding, and only use one channel, you can stream for 5 hours. However, if you choose to stream to two transcoding channels, you can stream to 2.5 hours. (2.5 to the first channel and 2.5 to the second channel.)

How much delay is added by using Transcoding?

We see an average of 2-3 seconds added when using transcoding. This isn't affected by how many channels are using it.

Do paid plans include Transcoding?

No. The transcoding feature is not included in paid plans and needs to be purchased separately.

Is there a limit to stream settings that Restream cannot transcode?

Yes, there is. We do not transcode incoming streams of more than 3840 x 2160 60 FPS.

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