YouTube Stream Now can be connected in two ways:

Automatic is the simpliest way of connection and it is similar to connections of Twitch or Mixer - it starts streaming after you connect to Restream. It will also allow you to edit Title of your stream without leaving Restream.
Manual is a bit harder, but it doesn't require you to own the channel you connect, and it will work if you've never streamed with yout YouTube channel before, unlike Automatic connection.


Setting up YouTube Stream now Automatically

1. Go to the Restream Dashboard

2. Choose "Add Channel"

3. Choose “YouTube Stream Now” from the Channel Listing.

4. Choose “Connect YouTube” from the Info Page

5. Select your YouTube account from the Auth Page.Important: You need to choose your gmail account with your youtube channels connected to it if there are multiple gmail accounts logged in. Then you need to select the correct YouTube account to stream to. There will be an error if you will select the wrong account and you'll need to start over.

6. Choose “Allow” from the YouTube Stream Now Auth Page.

YouTube Stream Now is now connected in an automatic mode. It will go live as soon as you start streaming to Restream.


Setting up YouTube Stream Now Manually

1. Go to the Restream Dashboard

2. Choose “Add a Channel.”

3. Choose “YouTube Stream Now” from the Channel Listing.

4. Select “Setup Manually” from the Info Page

5. Head over to your Stream Now Dashboard and select "Reveal" beside "Stream Name/Key"

6. Paste the "Stream Name" into "Stream Key" on Restream

7. Head back to YouTube and copy link of your YouTube Channel page from the sidebar menu

8. Paste the share link in Restream under "Channel URL"

9. Click "Add channel"

Youtube Stream Now is now connected to the Restream Dashboard! 


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