At this time, Instagram does not officially support streaming outside their mobile application. As soon as streaming to Instagram over RTMP is officially supported, we will add it to our supported services.

Currently, you can stream to Instagram from Restream using a 3-rd party service like Yellow Duck, which allows you to get an RTMP link and key. YellowDuck would be considered a Custom RTMP and would require one of our paid plans. For detailed guide on choosing the best plan, please check our Restream Plans FAQs.

In order to set up streaming to Instagram, you will need to add the channel Custom RTMP (for Yellow Duck) in your Restream. Please follow this guide on how to set up Yellow Duck with Restream.

Tip: If you would like to stream to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook page or group, you need to purchase a Restream Professional plan. It will also allow you to remove branding from the stream as well.

Tip: If you would like to stream pre-recorded videos to Instagram and Facebook, you would need Restream professional subscription and subscription to Scheduler (depending on the length of your videos)

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