Important: This article shows the deprecated pricing system, which is supported only for the users who subscribed to it in the past.

Can I get a trial?!
- We do not offer free trials for our paid services, however, you are free to get a monthly subscription and have a 7-day money back guarantee for every function separately, but only if you had not used it before. After 7 day period, your purchase considered as complete!

We provide users more than 30 platforms to stream to for free, without displaying any third party ads on our service. However, maintaining such a big platform is a hard and expensive task! To assist us in keeping the majority of our platform free and without interfering advertisements, we have a couple of extra features which will help you grow your audience even faster.

So let's check our pricing page.
It allows you to get some special features and apply it to your account.

The features are:

Use the links above to check out our special features and to see which one's right for you.

Important notice: If you need more than 10x channels for Doubling or Custom RTMP and nothing else simply contact our live support.

Now let's move to the payment process and options you have there

Let's use the example of purchasing Custom RTMP:

Channels mean the number of channels you want to buy, which will allow you adding more of this function.
Save % indicates the amount of discount you get for buying more channels and paying annually.
SImply click on the required option to proceed, you can also choose "show more channels" if you need.
Tip: you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Monthly/Annually option is the type of subscription, it means how it will be charged from your account - at the end of monthly billing period, or yearly.
Enter your card data and click on "Pay" to proceed to the next step.

An important mention: all discounts stack and apply, which you can see by the overall purchase sum!
So when you buy 1 channel it costs $14,99. Getting 3 channels, for example, apply 20% discount and decrease the price per 1 channel to $11,99, but if you choose to "pay annually" it will apply 17% more discount and stack with another discount. You can also use a promo code to get an even better discount!

After deciding on the amount and type just click "Pay" button and wait for the system to process.
If there will be error processing the payment you will get a pop-out window where you need to fill in some details and proceed to the "Payment Info".

Enter your credit card details and click "Pay".

Get a notification that your payment went well and enjoy your time using Restream!

And Thank You for supporting!


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