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Customize Your Stream
Add graphics to your stream in Studio 2.0
Add graphics to your stream in Studio 2.0

Make your stream unique and on-brand with logos, overlays and more.

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Restream Studio offers a range of beautiful graphics to enhance your live streams and captivate your audience.

How to access graphic features

  1. Click the Design tab.

  2. Use our graphics for free, or click the ➕ icon to upload your own on any paid plan.

  3. Click Show at the top of the graphic you want to display.

  4. You can click it again to Hide it.


Showcase your brand by displaying your logo in the top right corner of your stream.

The recommended size is 512x512px, and you can upload up to 50 logos.


Add images on top of your feed.

The recommended size is 1920x1080px, with a maximum file size of up to 25MB.

You can add up to 50 overlays.


Customize the look of your stream by adding a background picture or video.

The recommended size is 1920x1080px.

For video backgrounds, the recommended formats are MP4, FLV, MOV, TS, WEBM.

Your file should be up to 150MB and shorter than 30 seconds.

Brand Settings

Set the base style for your on-screen captions, chat messages and name plates.

You can pick between three different themes and select your brand's primary color.


  • Pick the right browser for your operating system:

    • Windows, macOS, and Linux: Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Arc, Edge, Safari (least preferred).

    • Android: Chrome (recommended), Firefox.

    • iOS: Safari 14+

  • Keep your browser updated to the latest version.

  • Avoid ad blockers and browser extensions that may interfere with your setup.


Can I resize my graphics?

Your graphics will display exactly as you upload them. If you want to adjust their size, please edit the original file and re-upload it.

Can I move my logo around the screen?

At this time, you can only place your logo on the top right corner of your preview by default. Alternatively, you can create a custom overlay with a transparent background and place your logo wherever you'd like it to be.

💡 Group and organize your different graphics with Brand Folders.

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