Important: This article shows the deprecated pricing system, which is supported only for the users who subscribed to it in the past.

This easy guide will help you to understand how to manage all of your subscriptions.

  1. First of all, go to your dashboard and click on your account logo. Go to billing section.

2. Billing. You can see your current subscribed plans and the information - like "payment period", "quantity" and "next charge date". You can move to editing any of your plans by clicking on the "Edit" button on any of the subscribed plans. Also, you can buy new ones from this page same as from pricing.
Tip: You can also check extra services guide

3. Editing. Here you can edit your plan:

  • cancel it (your subscription will stay active for the period you paid for);
  • change quantity;
  • change a recurring type (monthly/yearly).

4. After you have decided on the changes you make, just click "Save" button to apply them and you are ready to go.

Important information! A lot of users ask what happens if they upgraded or downgraded their subscription, or changed monthly to yearly. Here is a brief explanation to make it simple.

When you have made the changes and saved them - proration applies to it. That means that it calculates the difference in between the option you had and the new one that will be applied as well as the time used on current on, so it makes calculation regarding the price difference between those options.
For example: If you change your $50 subscription you already paid for into $20 - you will not be charged next period, because the difference covers it, until the moment when the difference is not enough (you will be charged only for the amount needed). Or if you change your monthly $50 subscription into the yearly for $300 you will be charged with $250 because it is the difference.

You can see the "Poration" balance that will be applied or withdrawn from your account upon the edit confirmation.

Important: If you upgrade a plan you will be charged right away for the sum to cover the current payment period or granted additional balance!

The current Proration balance is displayed in your billing section if you have any amount.

Tip: Here is an article that will help you deeply understand the "Proration" and how it works.


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