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Generate your stream’s script using AI
Generate your stream’s script using AI

Enter the topic of your live and create engaging scripts in minutes.

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Creating a script doesn't have to be a long process; use our powerful AI tool, and get a draft ready in minutes.

How to generate a script

  1. Access our free AI tools here.

    1. AI TikTok Script Generator: for short videos like TikToks, reels, or shorts.

    2. AI YouTube Script Generator: for longer videos or entire live streams.

    3. AI Sales Script Generator: for persuasive scrips that will help sell your product.

  2. Enter a theme, topic, specific idea, or product description.

    For digital products, you can also enter a URL from your store.

  3. Select a tone of voice.

    For sales, you'll also select a format - video, podcast, live stream, or presentation.

  4. Click Generate script.

  5. Click Copy to clipboard to copy and paste your script into your production notes.

  6. If you're not happy with the result, you can click Try again in the top-right corner to draft a new script.


  • All tools are available for free.

  • You can fully adjust your prompts and selections to regenerate your script.


Can I use this tool for my live stream?

Yes, the AI YouTube Script Generator is perfect for producing long-form scripts for entire live streams. You can also produce multiple scripts to insert in different sections of your live and cover a variety of topics.

If you're using Restream Studio's live sales tool, you can also pair it with the AI Sales Script Generator and find persuasive and engaging ways to sell your products live.

💡 Turn your script into a live stream using our powerful browser-based Studio.

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