This Article was written by the awesome Tylegn! Check out his video explaining how to set PS4 to Restream or follow the steps below.

Here’s how to capture your PS4 stream without using a capture card. Follow the steps below. Please see How to Connect OBS Studio to Restream, to set up your connection prior to starting this tutorial:

1. Create a YouTube account. This account will NOT be your main YouTube account. This account is used only so we have an account to capture a signal from.

2. Go to your PS4 Settings and choose “Sharing and Broadcasts”

 3. Choose “Link with Other Services”

4. Choose “YouTube”

5. Enter the information for the YouTube account you just created. When clicking “Sign In” it will take you to the Google Sign page:

6. Once YouTube is connected, Enter your game of choice, and start to stream. To start the stream, (If your settings are on default) Press the “Share” button on your controller and the Share menu will appear.

7. Choose “Broadcast Gameplay” and select “YouTube”

8. If you want you can enter information in the proceeding sections, however, it is not needed, because we aren’t expecting people to watch this specific YouTube channel.

9. If you have the bandwidth, set a high resolution for the outgoing stream. If not, keep the defaults:

10. Start your broadcast. You may get a screen that speaks of other party member’s audio being included in your broadcast. If others in your party don’t want to be included in the broadcast, they can choose this in their settings. 

11. Now that you’re broadcasting, head to and view your stream.

12. Start viewing your stream and make the window for the stream as large as possible:

13. In OBS, create a new source, and select “Window Capture”:

14. Select the name of the window where your YouTube feed is playing

15. Next, right click the new source you created and select Filters:

16. Once in the “Filters” menu, Under the “Effect Filters” select Crop/Pad:

17. Next you will wan to crop out everything but the actual stream. Customize the numbers in the Top, Left, Right and Bottom field until you can only see the Stream:

18. Click “Done” Then stretch the YouTube Feed (Or whatever you named the source) to the entire screen or specific size you want:

19. Now, you can click “Start Streaming”


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