In order to stream to Restream with a mobile phone (mobile device), you need to use an application that supports "RTMP server" to be able to push your stream to Restream.

Bitstream - is an Android application that allows you to stream using "RTMP server" so it is easily compatible with our platform.

1. Start the application on your phone and chose RTMP server.

2. On the next page you will see a text field for your RTMP key.

3. Go to your Restream Dashboard and take a look at two parts of your RTMP key on the right side.

4. You will need to combine both strings and insert a "/" symbol in between. Your final RTMP link will look like that example string:


Tip: we recommend to copy this string to your phone instead of typing it in, as it's easy to make mistakes. You can send your combined string to your phone by an Email or with apps like Pushbullet. Alternatively you can log in to Restream with your phone and combine both link parts inside the app.

After copying your RTMP link to your phone, hit "Connect" button.

5. On the next screen you will be finishing preparations for your stream. Switch off Adaptive Bitrate option. Next you will need to select your desired stream quality depending on your connection speeds and phone specs.

6. The app delivers your stream to Restream and we do the rest!

Tip: Do not forget to add and enable all the platforms you want to stream to.


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