With Restream you can get yourself a lot of exposure - streaming to many platforms at the same time will let you get more viewers in general than what you could get by streaming to a single platform only. However, if you're just streaming without extra work, you are not using Restream to it's fullest, because it does not just enable you to stream to multiple platforms - it lets you balance your viewership across them, and get your less popular channels to grow faster.
In this article, we'll review a set of tips that will let you get more viewers on your channels - both general and the ones that you can follow only with Restream.

Maintain a good attitude

It may sound obvious, but it's really easy to forget about it sometimes - when you stream, you generally are making someone else's time. Most people come to your streams to relax, have a little chat, entertain themselves, get a bit of advice or learn something new. If you don't satisfy their needs, they will leave. Pretend how your viewers see you or review your past broadcasts - it will let you work on your speech, mimics, and reactions.
Make sure you're making a stream that you would like to watch yourself in your free time.

Be consistent and maintain a schedule

Most of the streamers have made their huge audiences being predictable - their viewers know when those people start the stream, and they have a good idea of what they can see on the stream. Let your viewers know your schedule, post it on your streaming platforms and in your social groups, remind users constantly when your next stream will be asking them to come. Learn your audience and understand what type of content they like and want to see more on your stream - focus on that content, but remember to add some diversity from time to time as it allows you to get more viewers.
For instance, stream one category of content, then after gaining a bunch of viewers for this one, switch to another category you were unable to get success with in the past. The viewers that remain after switch will let you get a small boost in that new category.

Balance your content to fit all

Platforms that are featured on Restream lets everyone get a couple of viewers to start with. Every platform has it's "preferred" type of content - games, music, art, news... Some platforms crave for specific content more than others despite allowing other types. Even platforms of the same category have different viewership possibilities for various content types. Gaming is the simplest illustration as there are many gaming platforms at Restream - you may get to a hundred constant viewers in a week playing Call of Duty on Mixer while at Twitch or YouTube you will have to work for months to get there. Try streaming various content and check which platforms have more viewers for each type. When you have many viewers on one platform remind users that you stream on other platforms too and if they'd like they may switch - some viewers have preferred platform for viewing, but can find certain content on another platforms only. This will let your viewers watch your stream the way they like while boosting your view numbers on less popular platforms helping you to grow there.

Networking with others by cooperating

Believe it or not, but all streamers are your partners, not your competitors - they can help you grow if you stream properly. For starters, you always can find a bunch of streamers in the same category as you and befriend them. In your free time watch other streams and chat with viewers there without promoting yourself - some of those viewers will be curious about you and will notice that you stream too even without you mentioning that. You may even make a simultaneous stream with other streamers after knowing each other through chat interaction or raid/host each other from time to time - this helps both you and them, as you share viewers and part of your viewers will start watching that other streamer still preferring you as someone they know for a long time, and you'll get new curious viewers from another person whom you can interest and make your constant viewers with your great personality.

Networking with others by hijacking viewers

Every now and then there is a huge streamer who streams with hundreds of viewers to a very unpopular category, giving it great exposure. If there are not much or even no streamers in the same category at all, you can try to hijack it streaming there yourself. Here's an example from gaming streams: someone's streaming Bindings of Isaac game and has 3000+ viewers, but not many people are streaming the same game at the same time. You can start streaming the same game and try to stream it for a longer time than the big guy. Being in the same unpopular category that currently shines you'll be able to get more exposure even while the big streamer is online, and if he stops streaming before you or changes category, there are always viewers who were there not for the person but the content. They may want to keep watching Bindings of Isaac game - they will not follow that streamer but will switch to other streamers from the category, and if you're the only one streamer left in it, you can quickly get 50+ viewers if you are patient and remain entertaining when the big guy finishes streaming. With Restream it's especially easy to perform this trick, as you may try to hijack less popular platforms' shiny categories while you have a stable viewer number on other ones.

Troll handling

There are always viewers who try to provoke you for specific unpleasant reactions. Remember that they are not necessarily trying to offend, but are instead trying to entertain themselves. At the beginning of your streaming career you may want to try to convert toxic users making them your constant viewers. React to their attempts to offend you with humor without aggression. You can view them as ones who want to test your approach - converted trolls may be the best long-term viewers if you do the conversion right. Also, you can always ban them if they misbehave for a long time not to disturb other users, but this should be your last option if you're small.


Platforms are generally able to notify your viewers about your stream start, but this requires users to have certain apps installed on their computers and phones, or check email on a constant basis. This may not work for some people, so it's always a good idea to copy notifications about starting your stream not only on the end platform but also in social channels. With Restream's Social Alerts you are able to notify your viewers about your stream start in the most noticeable places - Facebook and Twitter as the major social networks, and Discord as the most significant gaming chat system. Even if the user misses a message from a streaming platform, they may see it in their feed in social networks, so always remind users to follow you on Twitter/Facebook and ask to join your Discord server if it's possible to ensure you have as many notifications ass there can be.


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