integration with Scheduler will allow you easily transfer videos to your Scheduler Storage, which will save you a lot of time for downloading and re-uploading them.

The process is multi level and a bit tricky, so lets get right into it. 

  1. First of all you need to get your API access from - simply click on Get Access. 

2. You will get a Form to fill.

3. When you are confirmed to access API, you need to create a Personal Access Token on this Page

4. Click on New and enter your data, make sure to mention fill the description and specify scopes:

  • Description — Scheduler Access
  • Scopes —  all under Assets ( this will allow Scheduler to access your assets)

3. You will see your access token generated at your tokens Page.

4. Copy your generated tokens and fill in your Scheduler Integrations. You will see a green check mark on the top right corner of the input field if your token is right.

5. You will see the Team Custom Action URL now.

6. Copy your Team Custom Action URL and create an action here using your copied URL.

Click on "New"

Fill in the fields: 

  • NAME  Send to Scheduler
  • DESCRIPTION — Fast upload assets to Scheduler
  • EVENT — send_to_scheduler
  • URL — paste the previously copied the Team Custom Action URL.
  • TEAM — select the project where the action will be added

After you click on "Create" the integration is done and ready to use!


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