Play2Live is the first full-blown decentralized streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans! You will need to already have an account at Play2Live to follow the below steps.  

Connecting Play2Live

From your Restream Dashboard click "Add Channel." 

From the list of supported platforms, click "Play2Live."

In a new browser tab, go to At the top right of Play2Live's home page, click your profile and then click "Control panel."

From the left side-bar click "Stream Key"

Select the contents of "RTMP URL" and copy it. 

Go back to your Restream tab and paste the "RTMP URL" from Play2Live into the "RTMP URL" field on Restream. 

From Play2Live select the contents of "RTMP Key" and copy it.

Go back to your Restream tab and paste the "RTMP Key" from Play2Live into the "Key" field on Restream. 

Click "Add Channel" to save this channel

You're new ready to stream to Play2Live with Restream! As soon as you start your stream we will simultaneously deliver your stream to Play2Live and any of your other connected channels. 


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