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How to use your RTMP Pull links
How to use your RTMP Pull links

Learn how to get a playable link of your stream using RTMP Pull.

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An RTMP Pull is a playable link of your live stream. You can use it as a source in another broadcast to play one live stream inside another.

How to create an RTMP Pull link

  1. From your home screen, click "Connect to OBS, Zoom..."

  2. Click More in the top right corner.

  3. Click Create Link.

  4. Give your RTMP link a name that fits its purpose and click Save.

  5. Click the created link to see your details.

    If you require a single-line link, toggle on "Merge fields".

  6. Copy the details and insert them into your video player as a file path for monitoring, or use it as a media source with FLV type in your streaming application.

  7. Once you start streaming on Restream, the pull link will go online.

How to set up RTMP Pull in OBS

You can use RTMP Pull with any video player or software of your choice. Here's an example of how to set it up in OBS Studio.

  1. Click the Add Source (+) button and select Media Source.

  2. Give your source a name and unselect Local File.

  3. Paste a merged pull link into the Input field.

  4. Type RTMP into the Input Format field.

  5. Click OK.

  6. The source will display your feed when you start streaming.


  • You need at least a Professional plan to use the RTMP Pull feature.

    • Professional - 3 pull links

    • Business - 5 pull links

  • You can have up to 10 active connections to a single RTMP Pull link.

  • We do not allow embedding RTMP Pull links on public players. They are strictly for internal production and monitoring use. Sharing these links publicly, such as displaying Restream content on a public web page, is prohibited.


What are some use cases for RTMP Pull?

With RTMP Pull, you can:

  • Embed an RTMP Pull stream into your main live stream.

  • Combine two or more streams to watch simultaneously.

  • Switch between multiple broadcasters in one stream.

  • Monitor your live stream in an MPC-HC video player in real time.

Why does my RTMP Pull link say Offline?

Your RTMP Pull link is offline by default and goes online once you start streaming and insert the link in another player. "Online" indicates the player is receiving your live feed.

If you're live but the other player isn't receiving the feed, try removing the pull link and creating a new one.

Is RTMP Pull compatible with Events?

The link pulls whatever you’re actively streaming - if it’s an event, it’ll pull the event.

The only exceptions are concurrent events. For parallel streams, RTMP Pull is only going to work for your first stream/event.

What's the difference between RTMP Pull and RTMP Source?

RTMP Pull provides a playable link to your Restream feed. It pulls from Restream and into another software or player.

RTMP Source allows you to insert your encoder's feed in Studio. It uses another software as the source and brings it to Restream.

💡 Are you trying to bring an RTMP feed inside Restream instead?

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