RTMP Pull - Enables a playable RTMP link of your live stream that you stream to Restream.io so it can be used as a live source of your broadcast.

Using the RTMP Pull option is as simple as streaming to an RTMP key but in a different direction.

How to Set Up RTMP Pull

1. If you are on a plan that supports RTMP Pull option, visit your Restream Dashboard and click on the RTMP Pull Link menu (right-hand side below RTMP Settings).

2. Press the Create Link button.

3. Give your RTMP link a name that will explain its purpose.

4. After creating enough links for your needs, you can start using them. For this, open the menu for a required link.

5. If you require a single-line RTMP Pull Link, you can merge fields for ease of copying.

6. To use this link, copy it and insert it to your video player as a file path for monitoring, or use as a media source with FLV type in your streaming application to embed this stream into another stream.

Tip: You can use up to 10 active connections to a single RTMP Pull link depending on the plan you have. 

Monitoring stream in real-time in MPC-HC video player:

Embedding Pull stream into your main stream:

Embedding several pull streams from different accounts into one stream:

Tip: 'RTMP Pull' can allow you to create multiple points of view from incoming streams, which means you can switch between the streams of your broadcasters in your main broadcast, for example during ESports tournaments or conventions.

Important: Remember that we do not allow embedding RTMP Pull links inside public players anywhere. It is strictly for internal production and monitoring use only - sharing it to the public (ex. using the RTMP pull a link to display your Restream content directly on a public web page) is prohibited. 

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