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Relay comments across streaming platforms
Relay comments across streaming platforms

Learn how to repost your viewer's live chats across different channels with our relay bot.

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Repost messages from one platform's chat to another so your YouTube viewers can see what Twitch viewers are saying and vice versa.

How to enable relay mode

  1. Open your Chat settings and click on the Bot tab.

  2. Check the box next to Relay mode.

    You are now ready to relay messages across different platforms.


  • Relay mode availability varies across platforms. Check this page under your chat settings for a list of supported platforms. A checkmark equals a channel where the relay bot can be enabled, and comments by other platforms can be received.

  • If you'd like to disable relay mode, uncheck the box next to Relay mode, and it will be deactivated.


Why isn't relay working for some of my channels?

Make sure the channels you are having trouble with support relay. Relay only works with Twitch, YouTube, DLive, and Discord.

That means that these four channels can receive comments from other channels. For example, Facebook comments can be relayed to YouTube, but YouTube comments cannot be relayed to Facebook.

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