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What is Restream Chat?

Communicate with your audience with our cross-platform unified Chat.

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Restream offers a cross-platform chat feature to help you manage the comments of all the channels you multistream to.

Main Functionalities

  • Read

Restream integrates with your favorite streaming platforms and displays all user messages in one place. You won't need to navigate between different tabs to see your audience's comments—everything is available directly on Restream.

  • Reply

The cross-platform chat also lets you send messages to your audience. Whether you want to send a single message across all connected platforms or a unique one to a specific destination, we've got you covered.

  • Relay

Our relay feature unites your community. When a viewer comments on one channel, the relay bot duplicates the message to all your other destinations. This way, your audience can see the entire conversation, no matter where they're watching.

Supported Platforms

You can go to this page for a list of the platforms that integrate with Restream Chat.

You will see a checklist of chat functionalities each platform can accommodate—read, reply, and relay. The availability of these features across different services depends on the permissions they share with Restream.

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