Restream Chat Relay

Learn how to send messages across different platforms with Restream Chat's relay bot.

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Everyone has their preferred viewing platform and it can be difficult to get people chatting across different channels. With Restream Chat relay mode messages from each platform will be relayed across to the other connected channels. That way, your viewers can see all the messages no matter what platform they use. 🌍

1) To enable this setting, start by opening Restream Chat.

2) Upon accessing Restream Chat, you will be able to locate your settings in the bottom right corner.

Restream Chat Settings

3) In the pop-up menu, select "Bot" from the list. 

Restream Chat Settings Bot

4) From that section, simply check the box next to "Relay mode" and that's it!

Restream Chat Relay Mode

If you'd like to disable relay mode, all you need to do is uncheck the box next to "Relay Mode" and it will be de-activated.

You are now ready to relay messages across different platforms!

Note: Some platforms may not have chat support or may accommodate specific functions only, based on their permissions. To see a relevant list of supported platforms and features, check this list under your chat settings.

Please note that API-dependent features, such as Chat, will not work for Custom RTMP channels.

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