Changing your password is quick and easy, simply follow the following steps to get it done.

1. On the main page (registration page) chose "Login"

2. Click on  "Forgot password" and you will be redirected to password reset center.

3. Enter your e-mail and click on "Send password reset e-mail"  you will get a green message that will indicate you have entered the right e-mail, after that head on to your mailbox.

4. Find a letter in your mailbox and click on "Reset password".

5. Type your new password in the required fields and click "Save password" you will get a green message that will indicate your changes was successfully made.

Now just use your new data to log in the website. Have a nice time using Restream!

If you don't know the email associated with your account, please contact us via the Live chat in the bottom right. We can't guarantee that we can give you access back to the account, however, we will try and authenticate you and get the account back. 


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