Local Videos in Studio

Learn how to play a local video file on your live stream.

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With this feature, you can directly upload a local video file from your device's storage and play it on a stream.

It’s a free feature, available to all plans through the "Add source" option in Restream Studio.

How to use Video as a Source?

1. Open Restream Studio, click the Add Source button ("+" icon) in the control panel, and select "Local video".

2. Choose the video you want from your device's files and click Open.

3. The video will appear as an additional feed on the left-hand side preview area of your Studio.

4. Toggle on the video to make it play.

Note: Please make sure your browser and connection can actually support the file. If the file is too large for your browser to process, check out our Video Storage Integration to ensure superior quality with server-side reliability.

The local video preview on the left-hand side also provides additional controls through which you can:

  • Pause/play the video.

  • Maximize the video to take up the full screen of your stream and hide any other participants/content.

  • Loop the video to continue to play from the top after it is over.

  • Adjust its volume according to your preference.

  • Toggle it off to hide from the stream.

  • Remove it from your Studio entirely.

Pro tip: If you don't loop your video, it will revert to being toggled off and in the background of your Studio after it's done playing. You can then either remove it entirely or keep it in the preview window in case you plan on using it again later.

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