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Play storage videos on your stream in Classic Studio
Play storage videos on your stream in Classic Studio

Add videos from Restream's cloud storage to your stream.

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Enjoy high-quality video playback directly from Restream Storage in your live streams.

How to add videos to your stream

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click on the Add source icon.

  2. Select Video Storage.

  3. Choose a video from your video storage or upload a new one.

  4. The video will appear as an additional feed on your Studio's left-hand preview area. Toggle on the video to play it.


  • You can play one video from your storage at a time.

  • Your video file's maximum size and duration depend on your Restream plan.

  • You will be prompted to move your file from recordings to uploads to play a stream recording.


Do I have any video controls?

Yes, you can:

  • Pause/play the video.

  • Scroll through the video.

  • Loop the video to continue playing from the top after it's over.

  • Maximize the video to take up the full screen or add to any layout.

  • Toggle it off to hide from the stream.

  • Adjust volume and/or provide live commentary (you can talk over the video).

Do videos maintain their quality?

Yes, the outgoing stream will maintain the original video's quality, although the preview may appear lower in quality to optimize Studio performance. However, make sure your video clip aligns with your Studio settings. For instance, playing a 4K video clip on a 720p stream may result in reduced quality.

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