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Stream in 1080p, use green screen, mirror camera, and so much more with settings in Restream Studio!

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With our new Restream Studio settings, you can adjust your broadcast settings all neatly organized in the same place. Create professional broadcasts with settings that take your content creation to the next level.

Restream Studio Settings


The general section allows you to adjust your preferred setup in terms of stream quality as well as in-Studio functionalities! All you have to do is adjust the toggles to your preferences and customize your experience.

Restream Studio General Settings


Use your video settings to select your camera of choice, resolution, as well as whether you appear mirrored!

Video Settings in Restream Studio


With our audio settings, you can select your preferred audio input and output, as well as customize your advanced options to fine-tune the quality of your audio elements.

Audio Settings in Restream Studio

Virtual Background

Restream Studio provides virtual backgrounds, plus the option to use your green screen, and level up the appearance of your feed for your viewers with a customizable backdrop.

Virtual Background in Restream Studio


Restream Studio has several keyboard shortcuts that let you perform common actions without using your mouse directly in the Restream Studio settings.

Shortcuts in Restream Studio

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