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Import videos from your YouTube channel
Import videos from your YouTube channel

Upload videos from your YouTube channel to Restream's cloud storage.

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Unlock the potential of your YouTube library. Turn your existing videos into engaging live streams. Import your content and reach a broader audience beyond YouTube.

How to import YouTube videos

  1. Open your Video Storage.

  2. Click the Import from YouTube button.

  3. Select the YouTube channel you want to import from.

  4. Choose between importing individual Videos or entire Playlists.

  5. Select videos and click Import.


  • Only public videos can be imported, not private or unlisted.

  • Your imported video's maximum size and duration depend on your Restream plan.


Can I import videos from someone else's account?

No, you can only import videos from your own YouTube account.

What will be the quality of the imported video?

The imported video will match your YouTube video's quality up to 1080p.

💡 Stitch your imported videos into one smooth stream with our Playlists feature.

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